You Can Solve Messy Brick Paver Problems with These Simple Stones

The family home is a busy place. It can be a messy one, too, especially when children and pets are thrown into the mix. If your home is one of these busy, but messy ones, you may be surprised to learn that just a few dollars worth of brick pavers and a little time may be all you need to solve some of your cleaning problems.

Creating a temporary (or permanent) path 

If you live in a new subdivision or any home that does not currently have sidewalks in place, you have probably been guilty of tracking in mud and dirt when taking out the trash, collecting the mail, or stepping outside for another reason. A few dollars worth of attractive paving stones are all you need to create a temporary path in any part of your yard that can easily be removed later. 

To do this, comfortably space large pavers to make them easy to walk on, either in a direct line or in a gentle arc from one point to the other. When settling the pavers, take a moment to clear away rocks and clumps of grass so that each one feels secure and does not rock back and forth when you step on it. 

Keeping the kiddie pool clean

If your family is one of the many who regularly use a small inflatable or above ground pool for the kids to play in each summer, you already know how quickly grass and dirt will make the water dirty. The traffic of little wet feet near the access and exit points of the pool collect dirt and grass that is then deposited in the pool. By using brick pavers to create small staging areas where kids get in or out of the pool, less grass and mud will be collected by both little feet and the pool water. 

Eliminating muddy puppy feet 

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors getting some exercise or playing with family members, you have probably set up a water dish to keep him or her hydrated and happy. But dogs are messy drinkers and the area around the water bowl can quickly become a mud puddle. Creating a hard surface large enough for the water bowl and the dog to stand on will keep help to keep your dog's feet from becoming muddy, no matter how much water they spill from their bowl. 

To learn even more great uses for brick pavers and see all the types, sizes, and shapes available, contact a brick paver supply company in your area. 

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