Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Landscape Upkeep Before Summer Arrives

Landscaping is something that can really change the look of your home. When spring arrives, it is going to be time to start with cleaning landscaping and getting it ready for the season. You will want to remove old dead plants and debris, plant new seeds, and add cover to flowerbeds. Here is a checklist to help you get started with the spring cleaning in your landscaping:

1. Removing the Dead Plant Life and Debris That Has Collected Over Winter

During the fall and winter months, a lot of the seasonal plants will die off. In the spring, these plants will need to be removed. In addition to the dead plants, debris from trees and plants can clutter your landscaping. Remove all the unsightly debris from your garden to start getting your landscaping ready for spring.

2. Plant Wildflowers in Spring to Keep Weeds and Unwanted Growth Under Control

Wildflowers are a simple solution to create colorful garden space. You want to start planting your flowers that bloom through the fall. Prepare soil by adding manure and tilling it up. Spread the wildflower seed mix in the area where you want to have a colorful meadow. As the flowers begin to grow, thin them out and remove any unwanted weeds.

3. Soil and Irrigation Maintenance to Ensure Plants Have Plenty Of Nutrients and Water  

The soil of your landscaping will need to be prepared for the spring and summer. Add any slow-release fertilizers in early spring. In addition, make sure that your irrigation system is ready for watering during the warm weather. If you have had your sprinkler system winterized, contact an irrigation maintenance service like Lush N' Green to do any maintenance needed during the spring.

4. Renewing Landscaping Covers and Preparing Soils in Planting Areas for Summer

There are many different landscaping covers that you may use in your garden. In the spring, you will want to clean and renew materials. If you have mulch or pine bark groundcovers, add a fresh layer of materials. Before you add the ground cover, prepare soils in areas where you have plants. If you use insect baits in your garden, add them before adding new ground cover, but make sure you do not completely cover them when materials are added.

If you want your landscaping to look great this year, get a head start with these spring cleaning tips. Contact an irrigation maintenance service to prepare sprinklers and drip irrigation systems for warmer weather.  

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