Ways To Appease Guests At A Small, Informal Wedding Reception That Will Be Held Outdoors In A Remote Area

If you will be hosting a small, informal wedding reception in a remote outdoor area, the following suggestions can be used to make the event pleasant for your guests and will provide each person with creature comforts that they are accustomed to.

Restroom Facilities

Rent a couple portable restroom stalls and a hand washing station from a company and make arrangements to have them set up in one corner of the property that the celebration will be held on. If guests have mobility issues, have handrails installed outside and inside each restroom stall so that each person who uses one of them will not be in danger of suffering from an injury and will be able to use one of the facilities without assistance from anyone else.

To provide your guests with privacy, install a temporary fence around the units. Acquire plenty of bath tissue that is biodegradable and that will not clog the facilities. Place a battery-operated radio near the stalls to provide the temporary bathroom area with more appeal and to help your guests relax while they are relieving themselves. 

Lounge And Recreational Area

Set up a canopy for guests to sit under while they are mingling with each other. Arrange lounge chairs around tables and place trays that contain beverages and appetizers on rolling carts so that you can serve your guests in an easy manner. A small stereo system or a hired disc jockey will help to entertain guests. Rent a portable dance floor so that your guests can let loose while listening to some of their favorite songs.

Prepare some party games and set aside one section under the canopy for everyone to participate in them. A few folding tables and some lawn chairs can be used if people will be seated while partaking in the festivities.

Sleeping Quarters

If some of your guests have traveled a long distance to attend the reception and do not wish to drive back home, set up a couple of tents or travel trailers on the premises for people to sleep in after the party winds down. A sleeping area will also come in handy if some of your guests have indulged in alcoholic drinks throughout the night and are not able to drive home.

Offer bedding items, such a comforters and pillows, or inform your guests that you will be providing sleeping quarters and each person can bring items that they normally use at home. Provide lanterns or battery-operated light stakes to increase visibility outdoors, allowing guests to perform bedtime rituals in an easier manner.

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