Do This Work On Your Old ATV Before Selling It For A New One

If you're an avid ATV rider and have your sights set on a new Polaris model, one of your first priorities will be to sell your current ATV to raise the funds for your new one — as well as clear out space in your garage. While you might be eager to find a buyer and complete the transaction so that you can purchase your new Polaris model, taking a bit of time to get your current ATV in the best shape possible can help you get more money for it, which you can then use for your next purchase. Beyond cleaning the ATV thoroughly, here are some things to do.

Swap The Tires

While you shouldn't worry about the tires if they've only had a season of use, it's good to think about replacing them if they're on the older side. Older ATV tires will have less tread depth than prospective buyers want to see, which can result in people offering you less than you'd ideally like to get. While there's an up-front cost to replacing the tires, this can help show the ATV favorably and ideally get you your desired price. You might even wish to think about buying used tires if you can find a set that has more tread depth than your current tires.

Change The Fluids — And Keep The Receipts

Changing the fluids in your ATV is something that you should be doing regularly, but doing this work before listing the vehicle for sale is a good idea. Fresh fluids in the ATV will ensure that when someone comes to see the ATV, it will start easily and perform as expected. It's also a good idea to keep the receipts from your fluid and filter purchases, as you'll be able to use them to show prospective buyers that you've just done this work.

Replace The Brakes

Few people would want to buy an ATV and have to replace the brakes immediately before using it, so it's worthwhile to take the time and expense to do this work yourself. Anyone who is familiar with ATVs will be able to look at your vehicle and clearly see that the brakes are in brand-new condition, which shows that you take care of the ATV and are serious about selling it. This can increase the speed at which you sell your ATV so that you can get to shopping for a new Polaris ATV for sale.

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